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Decade of ICC World Cup for India

Decade of ICC World Cup for India

 Gautam Gambhir, top-scorer for India in the 2011 World Cup last with 97, hits the rewind button on the tenth commemoration of the side's milestone win and stresses how collaboration assumed a vital part in the competition.

Around a year back, Gautam Gambhir had reprimanded a site for causing it to show up as though India's 2011 World Cup win was about the popular six that captain MS Dhoni crushed in the last to secure the competition. 

Decade of ICC World Cup for India

Precisely 10 years after India broadly won the 2011 World Cup, Gambhir, who broke 97 in that last against Sri Lanka at Mumbai, reveals to TOI why he thinks there were different legends of that win, with the principal man being Yuvraj Singh, who was named as the 'Man of the Competition' for his overall adventures. 

It's been 10 years since you folks were cheering with the World Cup at Wankhede. Should feel exceptional to think back... 

I don't glance back at things since I believe it's an ideal opportunity to push ahead. Indian cricket can't continue to imagine that we won the World Cup in 2011. I said the very same thing that time as well. It's tied in with looking forward. We accomplished something which we should accomplish. We didn't accomplish something which we should do. That is to say, individuals can continue to say a ton of things and continue to commend themselves, however, I'm not that sort of an individual. 

A year ago, you'd tweeted that the victory wasn't around one man, yet the entire group after a site named it as the 'six that fixed the 'World Cup.' Would you be able to expand? 

Do you imagine that just a single individual won us the World Cup? If one individual might have won the World Cup, India might have won every one of the World Cups till now. Lamentably, in India, it's just about loving certain people. I've never trusted in that. In a group activity, people have no spot. It's about commitments. 

Would you be able to fail to remember Zaheer Khan's commitment?

His first spell in the last, where he bowled three progressive ladies? Would you be able to fail to remember what Yuvraj Singh did against Australia? Or on the other hand besides, Sachin Tendulkar's hundred against South Africa? For what reason do we continue to recollect around one-six? If one six can win you the World Cup, I figure Yuvraj Singh ought to have won six World Cups for India since he hit six sixes in an over (against Britain in 2007 World T20 at Durban). Nobody discusses Yuvraj. He was the 'Man of the Competition' in 2007 (formally, Shahid Afridi was) and the 2011 World Cups. What's more, we continue to discuss that one six. 

Was that 97 in the last the most uncommon thump of your profession? India required that after Sachin and Sehwag got out right on time. Did it get the sort of consideration it merited... 

Initially, it wasn't the most vital thump for me, because each thump of mine, which has assisted India with winning is entirely significant for me. Each run that has helped the nation is more significant. At the point when you say that my 97 hasn't been discussed, it's the media that doesn't talk about it. Be that as it may, the ordinary people, any place I go, talk about it. What's more, that is my greatest accomplishment. Not the 97 I scored, but rather when individuals come up to me and 'say thank you for the World Cup,' that is my greatest accomplishment. That is the greatest decoration which I've won. The media can discuss certain people. It doesn't trouble me the slightest bit since I didn't play for the media. 

You got four half-hundreds of years and were in an acceptable structure. 

The person in best touch was Yuvraj. Also, it isn't tied in with scoring runs. It's just plain obvious, individuals will score runs. It's tied in with scoring runs at the correct second. With regards to the knockouts, the crunch circumstance, and afterward, you convey, at that point, it's about your psychological strength. I will not corrupt any resistance, runs will be runs, however when you can get the runs in the quarterfinals, semis, and the last, that separates you. That is the thing that chooses what sort of structure you are because you realize that there's no extension to commit an error. Subsequently, I generally say that Yuvraj was in excellent touch. I recollect that in a class game, against Ireland in Bangalore, we were in a spot of trouble, and he dominated the match. He additionally got 50 years against Britain. 

Notwithstanding being an opener, you played at No 3, permitting Sachin and Sehwag to open. Was it hard to change? 

Besides in one game, I played at No 3 all through. As far as I might be concerned, it's not about the number. It's tied in with having the chance of playing in a World Cup last, which relatively few individuals have. I've generally accepted that it's not about what number an individual needs to bat at. It's about what the group and the commander and group the board need you to bat at. Regardless of whether they'd have needed me to bat at No 6 or 7, I would've cheerfully done that. That is what I look like at a group activity. Many individuals have spoken about needing to bat at specific numbers. I don't feel that there's any spot for that sort of conversation in my word reference. 

How could you folks adapt to the pressing factor of home assumptions? 

I can't chat with the others. Everything I can say is that for me, the stage won't ever matter. As far as I might be concerned, all that made a difference was the challenge between the bat and ball. Had it not been Lasith Malinga, and had it been a Ranji Prize bowler, and I was playing a Ranji Prize last, I would have arranged similarly, because eventually, it's not the bowler versus the batsman, it's the ball versus the bat. I'm bad at doing different things but rather taking the stage or the event out of my attitude is simple for me, because any game that I've played, I've generally played it with a similar force. All that made a difference was that I must be better in that challenge. Regardless of whether it was 0 for one or 0 for two, it didn't make any difference to me. Since regardless of whether it had been 100-1, I would have gone in with a similar mentality of winning the challenge. 

The development to this triumph maybe began when India won the CB arrangement in 2008. The group had started to track down a bunch of match-champs and was gelling great as a unit... 

Significantly, you can have a settled unit eight months before the World Cup. On the off chance that you continue testing, keeping an eye on players, you'll generally be exceptionally befuddled, because there's such a lot of ability in India. There will consistently be ability in India because of the number of individuals, kids who play cricket in India. Notwithstanding, if you continue looking at players, continue to give them openings, there'll consistently be more rivalry. The more the opposition, the more will be frailty. I'm not against allowing a chance to players, but rather I'm generally forgiving enough freedoms to players to test them and afterward presumably test the following one. 

You can't test any player just by giving him a few games and afterward another two three games, and afterward, you pivot and say: 'There's such a lot of rivalry for places.' It's acceptable to have a rivalry for places, yet it's surprisingly more terrible to have weakness among the players. Our crew was really settled around eight months before the World Cup, and that is the reason individuals could go out and most likely communicate. A large portion of the folks realized that they would be a piece of the World Cup group. 

There were a couple of unrecognized yet truly great individuals. Munaf Patel bowled some sharp, conservative spells, yet didn't get sufficient kudos for that. The equivalent was the situation with Ashish Nehra, who bowled well, particularly in the elimination round against Pakistan. 

There were 13, or presumably 14 uncelebrated yet truly great individuals of that success! Munaf, I, Harbhajan Singh, Virat Kohli, who got 100 in the principal game, Suresh Raina, who played an essential thump against Pakistan - every one of these players' commitment was unimaginable. Besides, when I glance back at it today following 10 years, I feel Yuvraj is an overlooked yet truly great individual too, regardless of being the 'Man of the Competition.' You will not discuss him, however, individuals do discuss that one-six without a doubt.

Yuvraj contributed as the fifth bowler also, taking such countless wickets with his left-arm turn... 

Individuals say that I'm the overlooked yet truly great individual of that triumph, yet for me, he's the greatest uncelebrated yet truly great individual of both the World Cup wins for India. Without his commitment, India wouldn't have won the 2011 World Cup. As far as I might be concerned, he was the greatest part of both the World Cups. I don't care for discussing people because in a group activity everybody contributes - who won both the World Cups, it should be Yuvraj and nobody else. Indeed, I got a 75 in the 2007 World T20 last and was the most noteworthy run-getter of 2011 last. Nonetheless, what he did, I don't think any other person can. 

How did the group adapt to the pressing factor of the elimination round against Pakistan at Mohali? 

I don't believe that we played well, however, we actually figured out how to dominate that match! We were most likely unremarkable! We ought to have a larger number of runs than the 260-odd we got. We won that much on account of Suresh Raina's innings. However, on the other hand, it's tied in with winning. Also, that is the reason I say that in a World Cup, now and then you play unremarkable cricket and win on the off chance that you can dominate those matches… maybe our best game came against Australia in the quarterfinals. It's not about Pakistan, truth be told. I don't have confidence on the whole that stuff that playing Pakistan is more passionate or a pressing factor game. Eventually, you don't watch the shade of the pullover. You watch the cricket ball. At the point when you're playing in a World Cup, regardless of whether you're playing Pakistan or New Zealand, you must go out there and win. 

That question can be addressed better by the mentor, skipper, and the selectors since I was not one or the other. Clearly, you feel miserable that you were unable to proceed to protect the World Cup. The number of individuals (from the 2011 group) got an opportunity to guard the World Cup (in 2015)- not very many, a few, I think. It must've harmed Yuvraj, Harbhajan, and those who were a piece of the 2011 group, to not have the option to safeguard the World Cup, however that is the thing that life is! 

Any extraordinary account that you recall. 

We were playing against the West Independents at Chennai, and we had more than 600-700 bats in our changing area! That is to say, you can envision having that numerous bats in the changing area can be humiliating! At the point when we checked the number of bats each individual has, we tracked down that even the bowlers had 10 bats in their pack sacks! That was the number of bats we were getting from every one of the organizations, which was somewhat of amazement! Since we were not permitted to return home all through the competition, we continued getting bats from every one of the organizations. 

Mentor Gary Kirsten was an excellent man-chief. He buckled down, tossed a lot of balls (at the batsmen). See eventually, in a worldwide game, it's tied in with being a decent man chief. You don't have to show somebody specialized stuff except if there's an enormous issue. On the off chance that he can be persevering, gel with the gathering admirably, that is all that is required. He had both these characteristics - being a decent man-administrator, and was persevering. 

Do you feel that Kohli and co will imitate your pack not long from now, as well as in 2023 when the T20 and the 50 over World Cups are held in India? 

Obviously, I'm not a soothsayer, but rather I trust they do because not many individuals get the chance to play in a World Cup for their country. A lot of things change between one World Cup and the other one. These players would be lucky that they'd play three World Cups in succession. They'll have an extraordinary chance to maybe accomplish something exceptional for the country, and I trust they do, because at last when you benefit your country, it generally remains in your memory for eternity.

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