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List of cricketers who made six sixes in an over all time till 2021

Somewhere in the range of 17 years passed between the first and second occasions, six progressive sixes were hit in a five-star over and the accomplishment has since been copied in a worldwide ODI, a global T20, and three homegrown first-class 20-over matches – the ideal Test Match overstays unconquered. 

Here, we are providing you a complete list of cricketers who made six sixes in an over all time till 2021. They did the most difficult task in International Cricket.

1. Sir Garfield Sobers 

The colorful West Indian all-rounder was the primary player to accomplish the accomplishment on 31st August 1968. Calms was playing as chief for Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan when Malcolm Nash made advances on the bowl. 

Nash had little thought when approaching the wrinkle that, tragically, the over would address the main part of his cricket inheritance. Calms crushed five clean hits in succession for six, yet on the 6th, was gotten on the limit. 

Glamorgan's help was brief, be that as it may, as defender Roger Davis conveyed the ball over the rope, bringing about the first over to have at any point been hit for six sixes and adding to the legendary idea of the accomplishment. 

Carlos Braithwaite looked on course to turn into the second West Indies worldwide to hit six sixes in succession, in the T20 World Cup last in 2016 however ran out of rushes to get. He crushed Ben Stokes for four continuous sixes off the initial four chunks of the last finished, winning the title simultaneously. 

2. Ravi Shastri 

On nineteenth January 1985, Shastri, all the more generally known as a protective player, turned into the second-historically speaking cricketer to hit six sixes in an over. 

The current India mentor is likewise known for calling the activity from the discourse box and has built upstanding as one of the best in the business, however, it was with willow close by which he originally composed his name into the set of experiences books. 

Playing for Bombay against Baroda, he hit left-arm spinner, Tilak Raj, for 36 out of six balls. 

Shastri's own association with the accomplishment of six sixes in an over would not stop there and, after 22 years, on a warm spring evening in Durban, he would be the man to call the activity during another finishing of this surprising accomplishment. 

3. Herschelle Gibbs 

For Gibbs, hitting six sixes in an over appeared to be written in the stars. He was South Africa's generally energizing and unstable batsman during the mid-1990s through to 2010. 

It was during the World Cup in 2007, when he hit Daan van Bunge of the Netherlands for the full supplement of six sixes in the over. 

The conspicuous right-hander beat van Bunge's conveyances with stunning ability, hitting them level and high. Gibbs is as yet the lone man to have finished the accomplishment in a 50-over World Cup game and the first to do it globally. 

4. Yuvraj Singh 

Not many will neglect Singh's attack in the England cricket crew and a hapless Stuart Broad during a World Cup T20 game in South Africa in spring 2007. Before Broad astounded the nineteenth, Yuvraj had gone into a warmed squabble with Andrew Flintoff. 

List of cricketers who made six sixes in an over all time till 2021

In any case, it was Broad who might die throughout the following six balls as an irritated Singh completed his splendid retaliation. 

'Yuvi' didn't start to perspire once and, with the most perfect planning and shot choice, dispatched a shell-stunned England seamer over the Kingsmead limit multiple times in succession. 

By and by, Shastri was the man behind the mic at the hour of Singh's splendor, and who better to call the activity. 

Singh has since resigned, however, his splendor that evening will be associated with as long as the game is played. 

5. Ross Whitely 

In July 2017, Worcestershire Rapids' Whitely gotten the select club together with six progressive maximums off the bowling of Yorkshire Viking's spinner Karl Carver in a T20 Blast match at Headingley. 

Tortuously for the Sheffield-conceived batsman, his endeavors were to no end as the Rapids lost, with David Willey, the one who in the end sent him back to the changing area, additionally crushing a game dominating 118 off 55 balls in a wonderful challenge. 

6. Hazratullah Zazai 

The furthest down the line expansion to this rundown comes from the less-proclaimed cricketing climes of the Afghanistan Premier League (T20), where Zazai cudgeled his way into the set of experiences books of the conveyances of the hapless Abdullah Mazari. 

On various events, the Kabul Zwanan batsman's powerful strokes verged on withdrawing the arena by and large in a presentation of severe hitting. 

7. Leo Carter 

The furthest down the line player to join this tip-top club is Canterbury Kings batsman Leo Carter, who impacted the world forever in January 2020 after his dazzling six sixes on just six balls in a T20 match against the Northern Knights. 

Carter, participating in New Zealand's Super Smash rivalry, hit six progressive sixes on his approach to piling up an amazing count of 70 not out off only 29 balls, which roused Canterbury Kings to a seven-wicket triumph with seven balls to save.

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