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Food And Snack In Beijing – Travel Guide

Food And Snack In Beijing - Travel Guide

This information is compiled by a Beijinger who’s pursue his masters degree within the U.S.. If you’re planning your visit Beijing, this is often a very useful travel guide since you can go through the real beijinger’s existence within this article’s suggested places. You’ll feel bored should you go with a famous places and try taking some pictures, right? The actual attraction of the city may be the traditional cuture of the city.

Would you like Chinese food?

You could have som real Chinese food here (It’s not easy to locate real Chinese food within the U.S, simply because they are only able to be known as American Chinese food). Beijing provides extensive famous snacks and you may have some awesome places within the following sentences. (From the beijinger’s perspective)

Xiao Chang Chen

It’s famous of their Lu Zhu, a conventional Beijing Snack having a lengthy history. The address is: Males Kuang Hu Tong Er Tiao. (Close to the Ma Ji Yue Sheng Zhai)

Xiao Chang Chen’s Lu Zhu is fairly scrumptious which is not costly.

Chen Ji Lu Zhu

One other good spot to eat Lu Zhu. The address is: Tao Went Ting Tai Ping Jie Ding Zi Lu Kou Bei.

Li Qun Beijing Duck

This can be a very famous spot to eat Beijng Duck. Lots of peole went here although not simple to find. It’s situated inside a Hu Tong and you will have to spend considerable time finding this restaurant. In charge of the restaurant is really a senior chef from Qun Ju P Beijing Duck.

Da Zhai Males

It’s inside a traditional Chinese building.The decoration is awesome. Many people can’t stand it since it is a bit noisy. The Da Bang Gu, Chou Dou Fu and noodels are pretty good.

Ding Ding Xiang

Traditional Beijing Shuan Yang Rou. You will have to wait for a seats since it is in excellent business taruhan bola online. The disadvantage may be the noise. The meals here’s not costly but very scrumptious.

Kong Yi Ji

It’s famous of their atmosphere and decoration. It’s situated in Hou Hai.

Xi An Shi Tang

A great spot to eat Pang Mo(A conventional Chinese food). Mao Ze Dong,the very first leader of China went. The address is : Xin Jie Kou Lu Kou.