Top Tourist Attractions in Beijing

Top Tourist Attractions in Beijing

Beijing or China is considered as the centre of the Asia. This might be one reason why many people are visiting this country. Even though, it turns out that there are a lot of nice attractions and travelling spots that you can simply visit in Beijing. If you are interested in visiting Beijing when you get Tiket Pesawat Murah, but you do not know what the best places that you can visit are, then some of these places might be worth to visit.

Forbidden City

The first and the most important spot that you need to visit is the Forbidden City. Even though the name is forbidden, but this place is not that forbidden at all, at least on this modern time. That is because this city is considered as the most sacred place where only the great people are able to enter in the old times. To make it simple, you can simply say that this place is one of the most historical spots that you need to visit when you are visiting Beijing.


The next one is Badaling. There are not many people who know where Badaling is. However, if you ask about where the Great Wall in Badaling is, then everyone will surely be able to lead you the way. Yes, Badaling is considered as one of those few entrances where you can enter the Great Wall of China. With the considerably affordable entrance fee, you can simply explore the length of the Great Wall of China. Make sure you have the stamina for at least two hours of walk.

Temple of Heaven

For those who want to find out the long life secret of the Chinese people, you should go to the Temple of Heaven. Basically, this temple is just an ordinary temple, but because this temple witnessed Ming and Qing as the greatest emperors at that time, this temple is becoming one of the greatest history in China. As an addition to that, there are some trees that have been rooted on the area of this temple for more than 600 years. Do you want to know how can a tree live that long?

Summer Palace

If you are accidentally visit Beijing when the summer time comes, then you will need to visit the Summer Palace. That is because this palace will show you how great to spend your summer in this palace. As an addition to that, this palace is believed to be the main resorts of all of those kings in the old times. What if you visit Beijing in winter? You do not need to worry since there is the Winter Palace that you can visit too in winter.

Tiananmen Square

If you just want to see the best of Beijing on its very natural way, then the Tiananmen Square is the place that you need to visit. That is because this place is considered as the centre of Beijing with a lot of nice attractions that you can see every single day. It is not the centre of some district or something like that. It is the centre of Beijing.